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Spend a day in moose country from anywhere in the world!  On this site currently are seventy-four pictures of moose in their prime environment.  It is the hope of the photographer, Richard L. Ross, Sr., that people everywhere will be able to spend an afternoon moose watching on the web.  Please note that these images remain the photographer's property and are not to be used without his permission.

Let's start by setting the scene with these photos of moose country at the peak of fall foliage.  Maine is truly the way life should be!  (Click on any image to enlarge it.)



We meet our first two moose on our way to the pond, a popular moose hangout.  These young fellows are in quite a hurry, bustling along the road.  They quickly wander off into the woods.  We see two more moose before arrive at our destination: one at the side of the road, half-hidden by the beautiful foliage, and the other on the street itself, licking calcium from the roadway.  We'll have to practice being quieter if we want to see a moose up close and personal!



We are fortunate to find this lovely moose at the pond.  She's looks at us with a wary eye, but lets us approach her.  Content that we are neither a wolf nor a bear, she continues to munch on yummy aquatic vegetation.  As she leaves, she shakes the water from her coat like a dog, getting us wetter than we would like!





We sit at the pond for a while, enjoying the serene surroundings.  The crisp fall air refreshes our minds and bodies, reminding us of years past.  Another moose comes along.  She is also browsing for a midday snack. 



Where shall we go next?  How about a walk through the woods? 


Please note that these photographs are provided with the permission of the photographer, Richard L. Ross, Sr.  He has agreed to share his work with the Internet community.  However, his work remain his property, and they are not to be copied or reproduced without his permission.  A big thank you to Mr. Ross for his generosity!

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